Cyprus-Israel Cross Solo Unsupported 2013

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Earlier this year a friend of mine made the first solo, unsupported crossing from Cyprus to Israel. It took a lot of training, including many ups and downs, mostly mentally. In the end it was a three-day journey, which took him 72.5 hours, finishing successfully in Kishon Marina, Haifa, Israel. It was very exciting to be waiting for his arrival with many other friends, family, and Terra Santa paddlers. More information on his Facebook page:

(It's In Hebrew, but looks like Google Translate will work for translation)

Moti in his kayak

The most difficult thing on this kind of expedition is trying to get enough sleep, which is also one of the most important things to keep up your strength.

He did not get used to getting enough sleep, but luckely had enough strength to get across and with a good tired smile.

It was great to be able help him a bit, and it was great to get his compliments :

Karl my friend,

during 3 days of uncertainty,
Will I stand the mental strain?
Will I overcome the physical difficulty?
Will the equipment hold up?
There was someone that removed the biggest uncertainty in this journey: The Weather!

In today’s internet age, there plenty of websites that will provide the weather forecast,
but only professionals are able to give accurate and reliable information
Karl: you are the best.
During the many hours of training and the journey itself I knew I would get my forecast update on time and that I could count on it.

And one last thing, you always knew to cheer me up with few words at the end of the formal forecast update.
Those words touched my heart and warmed me in bad times

Thank you for everything Karl!

Thanks to you too, Moti ,for the excitement you gave us. Karel