• Kayak Weather featured in Ocean Paddler Sea Kayaking Magazine

    Karel featured in Ocean Paddler Magazine

    I am happy to announce I have been featured in Ocean Paddler Magazine. You can view my portion as a PDF here.

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  • Cyprus-Israel Cross Solo Unsupported 2013

    Earlier this year a friend of mine made the first solo, unsupported crossing from Cyprus to Israel. It took a lot of training, including many ups and downs, mostly mentally. In the end it was a three-day journey, which took him 72.5 hours, finishing...

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  • Across Israel by Kayak from North to South May 19-20-21, 2011

    This year’s Facts and Story paddling the Israeli coast from North to South. This year Amnon first decided we’ll do this trip non-stop under 40 hours. I was not sure about that one, but I can not let him down because his wife will not let him...

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  • Alaska Rescue

    Gore Point

    Recently two friends were on a kayak expedition from Seward to Homer (Alaska). About 9 days into the expedition they got in trouble and used their PLB(Personal Locater Beacon) and VHF to call for help. A Coast Guard helicopter was sent from Kodiak...

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  • Kayaking, paddling, expeditions and worldwide adventures: From Terschelling to Herzilya and many points in between

    Kayaking, paddling, expeditions and worldwide adventures

    I’ve always liked traveling around which I’ve done for many years in the past; having moved to a different country in my childhood probably stimulated this later. Now living in one place for a long time makes me miss the traveling world now and...

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